Boko Haram murders 'a few' troopers in Nigeria base assault

KANO, NIGERIA: Boko Haram aggressors have attacked an army installation in northeastern Nigeria close to the outskirt with Niger, killing a few troops and taking weapons, military sources said on Friday.

Contenders from the Islamic State West Africa Area (ISWAP) in eight guntrucks propelled a pre-first light assault on Thursday on the base in Kareto town, 335 kilometers (210 miles) north of the Borno state capital Maiduguri, they said.

"The fear based oppressors assaulted the 153 Troops Legion in Kareto around 4:00 am and repressed the warriors who were compelled to pull back after a hard battle," a military officer who did not have any desire to be named told AFP.

"We lost a few men however we are as yet attempting to set up their number. One thing we are certain about is that the base officer, a lieutenant colonel, was among those executed," he said.

Trooper, neighborhood boss slaughtered in Boko Haram assaults

He said the extremists stripped the base and trucked away weapons and vehicles.

The activists "shocked troops" while they were attempting to fix correspondences gear that had been pulverized in a rainstorm, said another officer, who additionally looked for namelessness.

The troops couldn't look for help from two close-by bases on account of the flawed gear, he said.

Search and salvage groups were looking over the zone for missing warriors and dead bodies, they included.

Kareto has been more than once assaulted by ISWAP contenders who have since July a year ago focused on many army installations in assaults that have left scores of officers dead in the unstable locale.

Two weeks back, the jihadists completed various assaults on army installations in Borno state, overwhelming three of them and taking weapons in the wake of executing troopers.

Boko Haram assaults leave 53 dead in pre-decision show of power

On Sunday, ISWAP assaulted a Cameroonian army installation close to the outskirt with Nigeria in the Lake Chad region, killing at any rate 24 individuals, including 16 troops, as indicated by Cameroon's safeguard service.

The service likewise asserted that 64 aggressors were murdered in the episode.

Boko Haram's decade-long revolt has slaughtered 27,000 individuals and uprooted around two million in Nigeria.

The viciousness has overflowed into neighboring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, provoking a provincial military alliance to overcome the hardline jihadist gathering.

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