We don't have to duplicate the Australian model, says Qadir

LAHORE: Unbelievable leg-spinner Abdul Qadir has turned into the most recent commentator of Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) plan to abrogate offices from the game's local structure.

Qadir, who highlighted in 67 Test matches, said departmental groups have contributed a great deal for the advancement of the nation's cricket, significantly as players.

"Departmental cricket has created famous cricketers, for example, Hanif Mohammad, Fazal Mahmood, Mushtaq Mohammad, Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad," Qadir told First light.

Another player Qadir referenced was Leader Imran Khan, who is the man behind PCB's vision for another residential cricket structure.

Imran has dependably been vocal about his preference for the Australian cricket structure, in which just seven state sides contend in all top-level rivalries. In any case, the cricket clique in Pakistan has restricted the thought and is of the conviction that it is unreasonable to force such a framework locally.

Qadir uncovered the issue was talked about after Imran's promise taking function and that he mentioned the PM not to attempt and execute another cricketing framework.

"At the point when the PM welcomed previous cricketers to his introduction he revealed to us that he's wanting to nullify divisions from top of the line cricket and in answer I mentioned him not to proceed with such arrangement," Qadir said.

"I passed on to him that offices produce incredible ability. On the off chance that you by one way or another force your arrangement, at that point club cricket will endure the most. Guardians won't urge their children to play cricket in light of the fact that not every person is sufficiently fortunate to play for the Pakistan group.

"We don't have to duplicate the Australian model," he included.

Qadir likewise condemned PCB's strategies with respect to the national group's determination and contended that the Pakistan Super Alliance ought not be considered as a stage to pass judgment on a player's exhibition.

"They select players based on exhibitions in the PSL as it were. The World Glass probables were reported amid the Pakistan Container. So what reason did that competition serve? The board ought to cancel Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and Pakistan Glass if player's execution in these competitions don't make a difference," Qadir said.

Qadir likewise slammed the PCB for designating Wasim Khan as their overseeing chief. The 63-year-old said the board ought to consider neighborhood legends before designating outsiders on top positions.

"They have 'imported' somebody to run the board issues. Is that individual more proficient than Majid Khan, Zaheer Abbas and Asif Iqbal? Regardless of whether instruction is the rule then Majid Khan has a degree from Cambridge. Salim Altaf is someone else who is best appropriate to run the PCB. The board has assets for outsiders, however not for nearby greats. The legislature is advancing grimness, yet the cricket board is burning through millions to pay the 'remote' staff."

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