Ahsan Ayaz is the saint Pakistan squash needs

KARACHI: Pakistan squash is on the decrease; from being the game that we exceeded expectations in and delighted in, to a game that is attempting to stay significant.

Gone are the top notch Khans and with them, Pakistan's territory over the amusement. Following Jansher Khan's thrashing in the English Open last in 1998, no Pakistani has achieved the last of either the English or World Open.

There are eight Pakistani players in the present PSA world rankings none of which are in the main 50. Be that as it may, there are some capable youthful players who plan to make it to the top. One of those capable names is 20-year-old Ahsan Ayaz.

Hailing from Peshawar, Ayaz is a savvy youthful player who has been delegated national junior hero in most age classes multiple times. Other than winning various national titles, Ayaz has won different worldwide competitions also including Proficient Squash Affiliation's (PSA) singles Malaysian Visit 4 (Men's) title just as PSA's ISAM Genius Open trophy in California, USA. He additionally ended up world junior victor in squash in 2016.

Though quickly, in Walk 2018, Ayaz progressed toward becoming Pakistan number one. Thinking back about achieving the main positioning, Ayaz stated: "It was a blessing from heaven."

Next on his plan is to be appraised among the best in world squash. At present positioned 109, Ayaz would like to improve his positioning and achieve the main 20. Ayaz is roused by previous title holder, Egypt's Amr Shabana, who, such as himself, was likewise a left-gave player. He wants to play the assaulting brag shot which he says is a group top choice. He additionally prefers to play the volley scratch, which is unsafe yet a standout amongst the most looked for after shots of the amusement. At the point when played right, it is relentless and rewards the player with a triumphant point.

To a great extent self-supported, Ayaz has been nursing a few complaints against the legislature. Regardless of a wealth of ability, squash is attempting to recover its lost greatness. Ayaz faults the nearly non-existent framework for the present condition of squash in the nation. He trusts the administration needs to accomplish more to help youthful players and support section into the game.

He refers to Egypt for instance as the nation is setting patterns in the diversion with their assaulting style of play and proceeded with progress, which has encouraged advance the game in the locale.

It is difficult to recognize precisely when and how Egypt turned into a superpower in squash yet many credit previous president Hosni Mubarak for the ascent to the top. Mubarak intensified government subsidizing to the game and propelled the Al-Ahram competition in the nation. Numerous youngsters likewise credit having good examples, for example, Ahmad Barada for strengthening their enthusiasm for the game.

With some assistance from the administration, Ayaz trusts squash can take off yet again in Pakistan.

In the mean time, the 20-year-old has propelled his own drive to help underprivileged sportspersons in Pakistan. He has propelled an establishment which gives monetary help to youthful players.

He wants to see the day when squash will be all-inescapable like cricket in the nation. For the time being, he is preparing for his next competition, with top 20 at the forefront of his thoughts.

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